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Frances Hammond Yoga Instructor Barre Teacher Seattle

Frances Hammond



Frances is a Seattle-based yoga teacher and barre instructor since 2009. She emphasizes comfort and ease of movement while exploring the balance of breath, effort and stillness. In June 2019, Frances completed her additional 300 hours of advanced yoga training in the Art of Adaptation. She plans to continue this work by specializing in yoga for MS and for spinal health.


Yoga helps Frances find stability and joy on and off the mat, and she hopes to share that search with students of any ability or impairment. She is a mother to an active toddler who is teaching her a lot about developmental movement. She is the companion and co-parent of a very small Yorkshire Terrier named Mochi. After savasana, you can spot Frances at various restaurants, fitness studios and walking around Seattle.

Frances Hammond Yoga Teacher Barre Seattle
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To support and educate others to live well within their bodies.

Injuries are part of the story of our body. Living within that story becomes unpredictable and incomplete unless we listen to all of the body’s voices: even the injuries. I work to help my students listen to and integrate their own body’s story. 

In practice, this means that every individual’s yoga practice is different: you must fit the pose to the body, instead of the body fitting the pose. This was demonstrated to me the most while working with [a class] that was enthusiastic but definitely individual in their bodies’ needs.

The class became a collaborative effort. We explored ways of moving together and each person’s practice expanded from one mat to the next. As time went on, the students started calling this their “Frances Friday,” with all the exuberance and anticipation of release that the traditional end of the work-week entails.


I try to carry that “Frances Friday” exuberance throughout my work and life, which is why it has become the name of this space. Welcome.

Frances Hammond Seattle Barre Instructor



Location: Seattle, WA

IG: @frances_hammond

Thanks for reaching out!

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